The Champions League Round of 16 draws. [Image via]

Champions League: Round of 16 Second Leg Predictions

The Champions League Round of 16 draws. [Image via]
The Champions League Round of 16 draws. [Image via]
The second legs of the Champions League knockout stage are upon us. Get ready for plenty of drama and possibly some great teams leaving the tournament. The trophy will definitely feel a lot closer to each team if they can progress past this stage.

Let’s go through every matchup.

Paris Saint Germain vs. Chelsea FC:

What a great tie! These are two pretty even teams with a lot to play for in the second leg. Chelsea looks to have the upper hand after scoring an away goal and being able to start with a clean slate for this match at Stamford Bridge. With the home crowd and away goal in their hands, this is Chelsea’s for the taking.

Prediction: Chelsea wins the second leg 2-1, and wins on aggregate 3-2.

Bayern Munich vs. Shakhtar Donetsk:

There isn’t too much to see here and we all expect Bayern to advance. However, Shakhtar showed the Germans they did not come all this way to mess around. The Ukrainian club did a great job of breaking down the Bayern attack and will look to do the same back in Bavaria. Bayern’s home record will prove to be too strong, and they will progress.

Prediction: Bayern will win the second leg 2-0, and win on aggregate 2-0.

FC Schalke 04 vs. Real Madrid:

Madrid is already leading with a 2-0 advantage heading back to the Bernabeu? Ladies and gentlemen, this is Madrid’s for the taking for sure.

Prediction: Madrid will win the second leg 3-0, and win on aggregate 5-0.

FC Basel vs. FC Porto:

This is an interesting draw with two well-matched teams. Basel showed Porto they are serious contenders to progress in the first leg. The second leg looks to be one that goes down to the wire. Basel will surely bring this one very close with their work ethic, but I think Porto just has more quality than Basel.

Prediction: Porto ties Basel in the second leg 0-0, and wins the aggregate with their away goal, 1-1.

Manchester City vs. FC Barcelona:

Well, this is probably the most entertaining tie. Barca were able to escape Manchester with a win, but can they finish the job at home after not capitalizing on that late penalty? City could use that play as momentum and strike back hard in the second leg.

Prediction: This one will end in a 2-2 draw, meaning a 4-3 win on aggregate for Barcelona.

Juventus FC vs Borussia Dortmund:

Dortmund is not the Champions League team we are used to seeing. It is disappointing that their league campaign is going so horrifically, so the least they could do is go far in the Champions League. Luck is just not on their side this year.

Prediction: The two teams will draw the second leg 1-1, and Juventus will triumph on aggregate, 3-2.

Bayer Leverkusen vs Atletico Madrid:

The first leg was a fantastic match, with both sides going at it. All credit to Leverkusen for a great defensive effort, however, against a strong Atletico team. Leverkusen’s counter-attack approach proved successful after Calhanoglu put the Germans up 1-0. I expect the same atmosphere, and for Atletico to turn the tie around in the second leg.

Prediction: Atletico wins the second leg 2-0, and advances 2-1 on aggregate.

Arsenal FC vs AS Monaco:

Monaco really put a dent in Arsenal’s Champions league hopes in the first leg. Winning 3-1 at the Emirates makes it all but certain that Monaco will advance. Three away goals to overturn and an away crowd to play against seems almost impossible for the Gunners.

Prediction: I expect Arsenal to give them a run for their money, with a 2-1 win. Monaco advances 4-3 on aggregate.

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