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Report: Derek Jeter Considering a Comeback with a Surprise Team

Derek Jeter retired at the end of last season. His retirement came after a long career in pinstripes, in which he set numerous club records.

Jeter was named captain of the New York Yankees – a prestigious title that only a select few have received. He was the “poster boy” for the franchise, and even for all of Major League Baseball, due to his poise, leadership, attitude, and skill.

Upon his retirement, Jeter promised he would never put on another uniform. A recent report, however, seems to have Jeter singing a different tune.

The Boston Red Sox management are reportedly not getting along with shortstop Xander Bogaerts, and are considering shipping him off in a trade. They have been unable to get any offers for him that include a shortstop, so they have begun to look elsewhere for a replacement.

One name that the Red Sox were reportedly drawn to was Derek Jeter. The front office realized that convincing him to come play in Boston for a season as they look for a new shortstop would be a daunting and difficult task, especially since the move would be considered blasphemous by most, if not all, of Jeter’s fans.

However, the Red Sox feel that they may be able to convince Jeter with a large paycheck. Recent reports state that the team has offered Jeter $17.25 million for this season, with a player option to continue onto next season at $19.75 million.

Those close to Jeter say he is considering the offer and very well may be ready to suit up in a Red Sox uniform as early as May or June of this season.

Remember, everyone: this is just a report we received from an anonymous tipster. Oh, and it’s completely fake .

Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone!

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