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Lionel Messi Proves he is a Great Teammate

During Barcelona’s 8-0 rout of Córdoba on Saturday, Lionel Messi showed the world just how great of a teammate he really is.

In the second half, he cut in front of teammate Neymar Jr. and “stole” a goal from him. Neymar had a clear path to the ball, but Messi, being aggressive, went after it and scored.

Later in the match, Neymar was tackled in the box, winning a penalty for Barcelona. Penalty kicks are almost always taken by Messi, but this time, the Argentinian superstar had another idea.

He let Neymar take the penalty so that he could score the goal he was supposed to score a few minutes prior.

This is a class act from a world-class player. If we didn’t know it before, we could definitely confirm it now: Lionel Messi is a terrific teammate.

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