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Russell Westbrook is Playing Like There is no Tomorrow

Russell Westbrook is in the midst of an unbelievable stretch of exceptional play. [Photo via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Russell Westbrook is playing the best basketball of his life right now. His hot streak is coming at the perfect time, with the Thunder fighting for a Playoff spot in the talented Western Conference.

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Kevin Durant is now a Badass

Kevin Durant (#35) celebrates during a win against the San Antonio Spurs. Durant, previously known for his quiet demeanor, has been changing his attitude recently. [Photo via Soobum Im, USA TODAY Sports]

What happened to the old K.D.? What happened to the kind Kevin Durant, crying at the podium during his MVP speech? What happened to the quiet, sharpshooting Durant we once knew?

That Kevin Durant is gone. And honestly, I don’t think too many people mind.

A recent string of events have marked a change in Durant’s personality. He is now more intense. He is now just brutally honest. He doesn’t hold back. He says and does whatever is on his mind.

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