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Greg Hardy Tweets a Dumb Thing, is an Idiot

Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys, who is suspended for the team’s first ten games this season due to domestic assault, is an idiot. We all know that. He assaulted his then-girlfriend, and that alone earns him the title of “idiot” (along with a few other choice words), but today he confirmed his idiocy in a big way.

Hardy was replying to a fan who was referring to the Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver tandem of Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess as “The Twin Towers.” This is a common nickname given to a pair of teammate who are very tall, and is not a 9/11 reference in and of itself. Hardy’s reply was really dumb, and not funny at all.

Greg Hardy's dumb tweet. [Photo via Uproxx]
Greg Hardy’s dumb tweet. [Photo via Uproxx]
Greg Hardy is an idiot for tweeting this. He later apologized (of course), but I’m still not entirely sure what his apology tweet means, as it isn’t exactly perfect English.

C’mon, Greg. Learn how to use Twitter. Or better yet, learn how to use the English language.

9/11 jokes are never funny. Comedian Jeffry Ross was in hot water last month, after his joke aimed at Pete Davidson (whose father, a firefighter, died that day in the World Trade Center) during the Roast of Justin Bieber. It’s time to stop making jokes out of one of the worst days in American history. There are other things you can make fun of. Try a Greg Hardy joke instead, perhaps aimed at how much of an idiot he is.

[Photo via George Gojkovich—Getty Images]

Kevin Durant is now a Badass

Kevin Durant (#35) celebrates during a win against the San Antonio Spurs. Durant, previously known for his quiet demeanor, has been changing his attitude recently. [Photo via Soobum Im, USA TODAY Sports]

What happened to the old K.D.? What happened to the kind Kevin Durant, crying at the podium during his MVP speech? What happened to the quiet, sharpshooting Durant we once knew?

That Kevin Durant is gone. And honestly, I don’t think too many people mind.

A recent string of events have marked a change in Durant’s personality. He is now more intense. He is now just brutally honest. He doesn’t hold back. He says and does whatever is on his mind.

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LeBron James was Wrong to Call Out Kevin Love on Twitter

Kevin Love (#0, left) and LeBron James (#23, right) talk during a game for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James recently took to twitter to call out his teammate for not fitting in. [Photo via Dennis Weirzbicki/USA Today Sports]

By now, you have probably seen or heard about LeBron James’ tweet regarding new teammate Kevin Love. In case you haven’t, here it goes:

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Darius Butler May Have Lost the AFC Championship Game, but He’s Winning Twitter

Darius Butler (#20) plays cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts, but that didn’t stop fans from congratulating him on a Super Bowl victory. [Photo via Indianapolis Colts]

Darius Butler is a defensive back for the Indianapolis Colts. His team lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Malcolm Butler is a defensive back for the New England Patriots. His team beat the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game.

On Sunday night, some people got confused.

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